Interconnected projects for a better Brno

The construction of such an expansive multifunctional arena is a large intervention to the city’s infrastructure. Thus it entails interconnected projects and investments. The actual area needs to be prepared ‒ demolish part of the surrounding structures, conduct surveys and build up the underground facilities. Currently, the issue of transportation also needs to be solved, as in the traffic of individual vehicles, public transportation, foot traffic as well as cyclists. Ensuring a sufficient number of parking spots for spectators is important for the fluid operation of the arena. Last but not least, the reconstruction of Bauerova Street is also a necessity.

Up to 13 000

30 000 m2
of raised seating

30 different
ways to use the arena

7 projects
for a better Brno

Arena model

  • 1.PP
  • mezipatro
  • 1.NP
  • 2.NP
  • 3.NP
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