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The largest strategic project in Brno! We are building a new, modern multifunctional arena at the Brno Exhibition Centre. This arena is equipped with top-of-the-line technology, and you can look forward to attending both sporting and cultural events here. We are planning to start the construction of the hall itself in 2022.

The new multifunctional arena of the company Veletrhy Brno, a. s. (Brno Exhibition Centre - BEC) will provide the city of Brno with the largest and most modern facilities for holding sporting, cultural and congressional events. The arena will hold as many as 13,300 people and an additional 1,300 parking spots will also be built.

The construction of the arena ranks as one of Brno’s largest strategic projects and we are planning to start the construction of the hall itself at the beginning of 2022.

ARENA BRNO will be completed within the grounds of the BEC, right behind pavilion Z and between pavilions F and G1.

What new advantages will ARENA BRNO offer the city?

  • Multifunctional application for sports, cultural activities, large congregations, events
  • Interchangeable arrangements for different sports: handball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, boxing
  • Larger number of spectators for sporting events
  • Opportunity to hold concerts for large audiences
  • Hosting international sports events ‒ World Championships, European Championships
  • Expansive and prestigious areas, including the facilities of the Brno Exhibition Centre (Veletrhy Brno, a. s.) company
  • Large social and congressional events
  • Modern rooms and maximum acoustic quality

Description of the multifunctional hall

External dimensions (at ground level) 151 m x 108 m with a height above the ground of about 29.5 m. Built-up area 16470 m2, enclosed space 465 thousand. m3.

The ARENA BRNO multifunctional hall allows a quick break (without construction modifications) in the direction of sport - culture and vice versa. To meet these goals includes all layout solutions, technical background and technological equipment designed with regard to the speed and effectiveness of the break when changing purpose. The concept is based on the architectural canon of the "arena" (spectator arrangement).

The synergistic effect of the location on the BVV also makes it possible to design outdoor "FAN zones" and will organize parallel events, for example with the Olympic Festival, etc., always in combination with the interior of the building. In terms of height, the multifunctional hall is designed so as not to affect the dominance of Pavilion Z. It is divided into an underground part, where its own area and six above-ground floors are located. The underground floor provides both parking and facilities for athletes and active and also the storage of technical equipment, both for the operation of the building and for individual events held in the building. The first floor is the entrance for visitors around the entire perimeter and "dispenses" visitors to the basic area (22 rows), to the club seat zone on the third floor, to the Skybox zone - the fourth floor and to the additional zone - 6 rows of access from the fifth floor.

The multifunctional hall and all areas related to the operation are designed and constructed according to the requirements for organizing sports and other events, according to the highest standards, such as the regulations of individual sports associations for organizing matches at the international level. The arrangement of the spectator part (arena) was reflected in the external shape of the whole object and the basic visual feature to emphasize the shape are the distinctive "collars" of sunshades, which also serve to visually emphasize the type within the event. Distinctive graphic displays (LED panels) on both longitudinal walls will be used for the "FAN zone". And finally, a blue-green infrastructure is planned in the design and the building itself is designed to be environmentally friendly.

Largest multifunctional arena in Brno

Until now, Brno has not had access to a sporting and cultural arena capable of holding more than 10,000 visitors. ARENA BRNO will provide both a modern and comfortable environment for as many as 13,300 spectators, when you include the arena’s standing section on the floor level. The arena’s capacity for hockey games is 12,714 spectators. Food options, shops and other services will be at the disposal of visitors to the arena.

Capacity of Brno’s other arenas and sporting centres

  • DRFG Arena (former Starobrno Rondo Arena) ‒ 7,700 seats
  • Vodova City Halls ‒ 5,500 seats
  • Sport Hall Rosnicka ‒ 2,000 seats
  • Cosmopolitan Bobycentrum ‒ 2,850 seats
  • SONO Centrum ‒ 1,200 seats
  • BEC pavilion P ‒ 12,500 seats

Where is the arena located?


Výstaviště 405/1

Brno – Pisárky 60300

Public transportation

Bus no. 84 from the Zvonařka Bus Station to stop Výstaviště (direction toward Pisárky).Tram no. 1 from the Brno Main Railway Station to stop Výstaviště (direction toward Pisárky).

Bus and train

You will have no trouble making your way to the arena from other cities via train or bus. Travel time from cities such as Bratislava, Jihlava, Zlín and Olomouc is only 1 hour. Travel time is 2 hours from cities Vienna, Prague, Ostrava and Pardubice. Less than 3 hours from cities Budapest, Graz, Linz, Katowice and Kraków. Once in the city you can then take public transportation directly to the arena.


Simply take the nearby highway and other high-speed motorways that lead to Brno from Vienna, Prague or Ostrava. You can then park your car in the spacious, monitored car park in front of the entrance to the exhibition centre.

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